Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Inspiring Spaces are Important!

I have had my home studio in the basement for more than a year now. It's always been the plan to redecorate. The walls are yellow and the carpet is orange, there is diagonal cedar in one area and linoleum straight outta the late 70's. It's a rental property so we are limited with what we are willing to invest here. So I think I have a plan. WHITE!!!
I am going to paint all the walls white and give the ceiling a coat too. I will compliment that with black and white objects and shelving etc. I have 2 plates from the "Homemaker" series circa 1950's that kinda spurred the design.


At first it was a spare room....then an art room (check out the carpet)

They look kinda like this but flat and no scallop on the edge.
Actually the original inspiration for this room came from a designer named Andrea Schreiber As_Art_Up who lives in Germany. Follow this link to the COOLEST CHAIRS EVER. I have a couple chairs in my office that are prime candidates for this decopatch project!
Note the linoleum :(blech...the original "studio conversion" on the right

I plan to start the painting prep this weekend. Here are some photos via decorology (photo credits on their blog)

The inspiration wall above is awesome! I have the cables already. Ideally I would like 2 old wood ladders for magazines and other inspiration that can be draped.

Wish me luck!

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