Thursday, September 18, 2008

One can accomplish so much when left alone!!


Also, Courtesy of Genine this instructional post & super cool magnets at NOT MARTHA.

Today was a bit frustrating. I was feeling so creative and focused and dag-nabbit I had all kinds of other stuff to do. It was going so well...I even went for a nice cardio workout this morning but after my shower I was continually pulled away from my computer and studio! Of course the irony is that on days when I am not so focused I procrastinate the day away...I would sooner fold socks than focus to get something done. Just one of the many challenges of working from home. I wouldn't change it for the world though. Looking forward to The Longwood Station Fall Festival on Saturday, September 20th form 8:30am-1pm. I am helping out with the Brant Wildlife Festival focus on biodiversity. We set up a tent and we are doing a big mural. This was my idea of course... Hey if I have to stand under a tent at a festival all day I want to have a good time. So I am going to draw and play with animal puppets all day!

So the long and the short of this long excuse type story is that I haven't finished anything to post. coming soon I promise!


cher said...

i'm going to distract you again. ready or not.
thing is, i didn't really feel like it, but now I feel complelled to since i've read your post

BBC said...

Well, I got a lot done. I just decide to something and I do it. Nothing happens in ones life unless they take control of it.

I could do more, but I also like screwing off, it's kind on the planet.