Tuesday, September 16, 2008

West Coast Birding Site

Well, today is the day I get to work on Rich's web site again. I have been doing all these design tutorials so have put it off in case I learn some cool technique that I want to implement. I have now decided to keep it simple. Rich has had a couple web sites and it's great practice for me as he has very specific ideas and requirements just like any other client.

Above is his logo that I designed some time ago and a cheesy sun behind it version.

We have been sick around here and Nolan brought home a nasty case of head lice (wahoo!) but supriseingly we have still managed to quite a lot lately. We moved Nolan's room back upstairs next to our room. HE has been downstairs for about a year but there is always a struggle getting him to go to bed. The new room is much more organized and minimal. Things MAY OR MAY NOT have gone to the salvation army in this move. ;) Now Rich has his office downstairs in Nolan's old room. This seems to be working fantastically except that we are having some trouble finding good places for some of stationary tye items as the downstairs room doesn't have a closet.
So there ya go.
OK, enough procrastinating and back to the west coast birding web design.
That's Rich painting his office on his day off (with a head cold)

This is the disaster in my studio workspace when we were switching rooms. It has been a long 4 days and we are almosat done the reorganization and rehanging of pictures etc.

See Rich's flickr site here.
COMING SOON: www.westcoastbirding.com


cher said...

oh i am so stressed just looking at all that mess!!!
you will feel so good when its all done!!!!

cher said...

oh, and i like the cheesy sun in the background

BBC said...
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BBC said...
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